The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.
Saint Augustine

Outside of Europe again


Winter 2023 - 2024: NE India



Norway: Camping with car and rooftop tent.
Spain: Camping with car and rooftop tent.


Kim and I started OutdoorMindfulness.nl, a Mindfulness training company.

Pictures made in The Netherlands.

Scandinavia: Camping for 6 weeks and visiting the North Cape.

Spain: Camping for 3 weeks with car and rooftop tent.

Winter 2022 - 2023: 4 weeks Wald im Pinzgau, Austria!


Back in the Netherlands, living in Arnhem.

Started my own company: KLEINmaatwerk.nl.

See Homo Ludens for some projects I am working on.

Sweden: Camping.

Winter 2021 - 2022: 10 weeks in Maria Alm, Austria!

World Trip Part 3: 2020 Corona


Netherlands: Stuck due to Corona!

France, Générargues: Vive la France!

Netherlands: Helping my daughter and partner move: sanding, painting, etc.

Greece, Athens: I decided not to work as a ski teacher coming winter season. It feels like too much Covid hassle/risc.

World Trip Part 2: Diving, motorbike and bus

Zoom for more details.


Spain: Car tour with my daughter!

Thailand: Koh Samui and Koh Tao. Lazy times. But also a lot of diving. Check the dive videos!

Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. On motorbike! Till the motorbike broke... So had to continue with bus from Pakse, Laos.

Winter 2019 - 2020: Working as a ski teacher in Leogang, Austria. Until Covid spoiled everything!

World Trip Part 1: Bicycle

Zoom for more details.


Winter 2018 - 2019: Working as a ski teacher in Leogang, Austria.


Iran to Kazachstan on bicycle.

Winter 2017 - 2018: Skiing in Austria!


Spain on bicycle.

Turkey and Iran on bicycle.

Winter 2016 - 2017: Working as a ski teacher in Ellmau, Austria.