• From the Netherlands
  • Type: Joyful adventurer.
  • Enjoy: When time is not important anymore.
  • Fun: Make a wish come true.
  • Yell: Ok, but next year I will be in TOP condition!
  • Motto: Enjoy your day, it could be your last.
  • Too bad: My snoring doesn't sound like a sonata.
  • Character: 9 wing 8 and INFJ.
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My hobbies are: travel, skiing, scuba diving, (mountain) biking, geocaching, dancing, gaming, reading, movies.

2016 - 2020: Job, house and goods are gone

Quit your job and sold really everything for the world trip? Yep!
Job, house and furniture reduced to no job, no house, a few bags, a bicycle and skis.